Welcome to the official website of Splinter.

This epic project features Poal Cairo as Duncan, a self-centered, sadistic small business owner who has led a careless life and left a trail of destruction behind. Then, one day, Duncan wakes up wearing a pair of tighty-whities in a small, doorless white room. This room appears to hold some sort of magical force capable of entering his unconscious mind. It’s designed to reshape Duncan’s personality for the better, and it all happens without his awareness. But are these forces strong enough to transform this wild animal into a loving human lapdog?

“Splinter”, is the feature film debut of director Robbert-Jan Vos. He has made five short films in the past, four of which have been shown in Dutch cinemas. Many styles, themes and techniques from these films can be seen in this upcoming, English, full-length feature. This is exactly what makes this movie so special, and what made the entire cast & crew, a set of skilled professionals, to volunteer. For more info on the director, check out the Director’s section. Check back soon to find out how you can help us reach our goals!